My Great Pyrenees, Astrid, was giving me some trouble when I first sought help from Extreme K-9. She used to follow me around the house and paw at me, or bark when she wanted attention. There were times I could not get her to stop barking. She was also having trouble in her kennel when I left to go to school and work. At first I enrolled her in the “Get Real” obedience class and she was doing great, but I could not get her to settle down in her kennel. The residency program was the best option. I didn’t have the time it would take to work with her on her separation anxiety and it was beyond my training ability. The team at Extreme K-9 was amazing. After dropping her off I wondered if I made the right decision. When I went to pick her up I knew it was the best decision I could make for myself and Astrid. She has been home a few weeks and is a happier, more independent puppy. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. They identified her as a slow processor, which most trainers don’t do, and helped her through her gravitation toward anxiety. Thank you so much Extreme K-9. You are amazing!