A couple of years ago, I added a Malinois, Max, to my pack. Max was absolutely perfect and a compliment to his breed. He came from a long line of excellence. We bonded immediately. I had used Extreme K-9 with my German Shepard so I knew I would also be taking this fine boy there as well.

The problems with Max started about 8 months after I got him. This was of no fault of his; I dropped the ball and did not properly socialize him. I work long hours and could not give him what he needed. What this led to was an unhappy, unbalanced and aggressive dog. The moment I walked in the door Max owned me. The other dogs were not allowed to be around me or he was on them. My family was not allowed in my home without him acting like he was going to eat them.

Then it happened… my brother went to get a toy for Max, and Max attacked him. Thankfully my brother is ok and was strong enough to defend himself. I had waited too long – Max was out of control. I called Extreme K-9. Behesha explained that I had two options: change the behavior or find a different home for him. I brought Max to Behesha and she evaluated him and recommended he stay in Residency for 2 weeks. I knew that she and her staff were the only hope I had of keeping my boy and I also knew, because I had used her program before, that my boy would be in great hands.

I picked Max up 2 weeks later. I couldn’t believe that this was my boy!! In talking to the trainers it only confirmed what I already knew. It was I that needed training, as well as Max. I had been doing it all wrong. I worked some exercises with Max (one that included walking him in around and thru a pack of 5 other dogs and with minimal correction… with 0 incidents, another with recall and distraction. It’s not that Max had been bad… it’s that I hadn’t shown him how to do good. He was in the dark, and with the help of Extreme K-9, we were able to bring him into a well-balanced life that he could seek out positive reward for doing a good job. I have taken him back once to work over some small issues (that again was me not him) but that’s part of the program. It’s not one and done it’s a commitment for the dog, the owner, and the Extreme K-9 team.

The bottom line… Max is still with me. Max has not attacked one of my other dogs since he came home. He greets my brother when he comes over THIS IS HUGE. I have even been able to call him back when he was close to 2 other dogs who were fighting. Again it’s a process but we would not be here, I would not have Max and he would not be the well-balanced happy boy he is without the care, attention and training that we received from this amazing group of people.

The training I received was the attraction for me. I had the confidence I needed to continue his training because I knew this team had my back with questions or concerns. Hearing people tell you “if that was my dog I would…” It’s just horrible to hear and it takes courage to say “well it’s not your dog and I’m going to help my dog thru this” then showing up there… a lot of times it’s the only time anyone understands and says let’s do this… lets turn this around for you and your dog. The difference in that is more than you can put a price on because its hope when all hope is lost and you know you’re not standing alone anymore and its ok to not give up on your dog. The general attitude is if its aggressive put it down. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your program is proof of that.