Our GSD, Patton, was a European shepherd with an extremely high, small-prey drive. This drive was more than my wife, Ann, and I, were able to train as we had our 3 previous GSDs.

One day Patton was out of the yard with me and got loose and attacked another dog in the street. Fortunately, he did not kill the other dog but the vet bills were high and we knew Patton had just successfully completed step one of being declared a vicious dog. Patton was put under “house arrest,” but we decided ours was the wrong house and we took him to Residency training at Extreme K-9 instead.

We had been to see Behesha with Patton before, and she always talked more about us and the changes we needed to make in order to help Patton. This was no different. She took control, comforted us and then refused to let us walk out with ridiculous thoughts of blame and guilt.

As much training as Patton received while in Residency, Ann and I were going to receive more. It began when we picked him up and were made to sit quietly in our chairs as Patton was walked in and out of the room. We had to carry on a conversation with each other, all the while ignoring the dog. That was hard, but made very clear the foundation on which we would build ourselves into better dog owners.

Patton died suddenly due to bloat, but the memories of working with him and the training we did have carried over into our current situation where we have 3 German Shepherds. They are well behaved because of the training we received. We also foster GSDs and they leave us with good habits because of the excellent work taught to us by the staff of Extreme K-9. We’re able to take the leash of dogs we’ve never met and they walk with us, follow our instructions and make people think we’ve had the dog for years. We are able to do this because we were clearly taught how to be assertive yet calm leaders and we are totally committed to the training we received at Extreme K-9. Why? Because it works!