Angela Barker

I was having a horrible time with my Husky/Shepherd puppy Justice. Baisha was absolutely wonderful at explaining to me what was going on and why my dog was behaving the way she did. The trainers were very helpful and polite. Not only did they work with my dog but I was taught how to deal with and train her to keep her on the right path. The facility is immaculately clean and so nice. My Justice is now 1 year old and is so much better behaved. I can not thank everyone enough at Extreme K-9 for all that they have done.

Wil Maring

Such an eye and mind opening experience it was to take a basic obedience class here with my rescue Border Collie mix. Lizzie had a hard life behind her and was giving me some challenges beyond my skill set. I thought I might have to get rid of her. The trainers there reassured me that these issues could be easily solved. The money spent was really not much considering what I came away with. Lizzie ended up being one of the best students after I learned how to communicate with her. I recommend anyone with a dog or child to take one of these classes. The world will become a better place because of it.

Alena Miller

I cannot recommend Extreme K-9 enough. I took my dog, Ruby, to private sessions with Susan at their satellite office for a few months. We both loved her and Ruby made large strides in that time. I ended up moving a couple of hours away and when the financial opportunity came up to send Ruby to a board and train facility, I jumped at the chance to send her to their facility in Carbondale. Every employee I spoke to was so kind, knowledgeable, and passionate about their job. They gave me multiple options, let me change my drop off time at the last minute, and took care of my girl for 2 weeks. Ruby was very reactive to other dogs……see them 50 feet away and break leashes kind of reactive. She terrified everyone. She also had some bad house manners. I elected to do the home care option as well so she ended up going home with a staff member every night. They sent multiple “report cards” which included words, pictures, and videos of her while she was away. She obviously worked hard but also had a lot fun as well! When we went to pick her up they took their time teaching us how to work with her. They took her outside and walked her around multiple other dogs. She even sat nicely within reach of another dog! I was blown away by her progress. We loved our follow up visits and we have only had one issue since then. We called them for advice and a couple of days later the owner called us back and we had a very nice lengthy discussion. I would recommend Extreme K-9 over and over again.

RubyAlena Miller

Zach Norris

Prior to training here I spoke with local dog owners, veterinarians and professional dog trainers to get a feel for what people thought of the training options in the area. One vet said, “Extreme K-9 is like the gold standard.” That certainly made me feel good but I was also hearing they were expensive and one dog owner passed along some hearsay that said, “It was their way or the highway.” That wasn’t much of a turnoff to me. I didn’t like the idea of going to a dog trainer with a closed mind anyway. Obviously not a good way to learn something new. So I’ve been working with Extreme K-9 for a couple weeks now and I’m incredibly happy. They are very professional, kind and most importantly know what they are doing. I can already see an improvement in Atlas my Australian Cattle Dog. We have a ways to go but I know the trainers at Extreme K-9 have a plan that will get us there. Their confidence in Atlas’s ability to change is inspiring. I can’t wait to see where we end up with the help we’re getting from Extreme K-9.

Megan Archer

I adopted Loki knowing he had issues and immediately knew I was out of my depth with his behavior issues and reactivity. In addition to completing the Get Real Obedience class, we also had private lessons. I’m amazed by the difference in Loki, and it’s been wonderful knowing that I have trainers who can guide me and provide me with the education and resources to help Loki. Thank you so much!

Julie Hoskins

Bella is a Boxer who is dog aggressive and I did not know what to do since I had other dogs in the same household. When I first brought Bella home she was a hyper puppy that did not listen to anything and I thought it was funny at the time. When she started fighting with my other dogs the laughing stopped. Bella was as much a part of this family as the other dogs. All the other training facilities did not want an aggressive dog in their training classes. I finally found Extreme K-9. The best thing that could have happened to me and Bella. Behesha Doan listened to me and my concerns as well as looked at Bella behaviors and made recommendations of what she thought could help us. We worked with the trainers and I was not getting it and Bella was not responding. We decided it would be best to do residency and that was amazing. When I got Bella back she was a different dog. The trainers there are the best and they really care about the dog and the owners. It took time and they stayed with us the whole way through. I can now say that Bella and I are very happy and it is because of Extreme K-9. THANK YOU!

Pam Largent

My veterinarian recommended that I bring my Rottweiler pup to Extreme K-9 when she exhibited fear issues. The breeder we got her from had not socialized the dogs and, to make matters worse, we live out in the country. Behesha and the trainers were very patient with Schatzie and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! She was there as a residency and bonded with a couple of the trainers. I had no qualms bringing her back when I had to go out of the country for a few weeks. That was in 2012 – and her training is still evident!

Olivia Byers

I am so glad I chose Extreme K-9 for dog training! I adopted my dog and he started to get some issues that needed to be fixed. Ares was barking at other people and dogs while walking and even going outside to potty. Kept pulling on the leash while being walked. I told them all the things I would like to work on in the assessment class. I did four private lessons and then a group class. Ares did very well in both and caught on quickly. The private lessons were great and needed so Ares would be able to focus instead of freaking out on the other dogs. All the trainers there were very helpful and wanted to see us succeed! They answered all my questions and I had a lot. When Ares first started he was very shy of the trainers but he quickly warmed up to them, and they were his distraction when doing sit stays. Ares now walks on a loose leash and doesn’t get so worked up when he sees other people or dogs. I would recommend everyone to bring there dogs here! They have amazing trainers and a very nice facility! Thank you guys so much, Ares and I both appreciate you!!

Merry Korando

We made so much progress that Dex was able to go with me more often. When I needed to board him over a long weekend, I called Extreme K-9 which includes “refresher work” to keep up his skill!

Michelle Rositch

Every moment of every day is better because of the training.