Dog Behavior Psychology Lecture


“This dog behavior psychology lecture should be a prerequisite for anyone who owns, loves or works with dogs.”

Have you known someone who had a “bad” dog? More often than not, the dog’s behavior is misunderstood – and the dog is acting out because he or she has not received the required leadership. The dog is the one that pays the price – tied out in the yard, closed in a room away from guests or relinquished to a shelter. When an owner learns to speak the same language as the dog and learns what the dog needs, the rewarding, peaceful relationship returns.

This two-day dog behavior psychology lecture is held several times a year for the public, and it can be privately scheduled for businesses and groups. It is an invaluable course for those who work with dogs and see problems such as aggression, fear, phobias, leash-pulling, destructiveness, separation anxiety and hyper-excitable behavior in their daily routine. Students gain insights into reading, and truly understanding, dogs.

PET OWNERS learn more about their beloved dogs, who they are and what is valuable to them, making for better relationships and bonds in the home.

SHELTER STAFF can learn to help rehabilitate and even eliminate problem behaviors before adoption – making the dog’s transition to his/her new family easier and more successful.

VETERINARY CLINICS can make a safer environment for their staff and clients, as well as gain insight into when behavior modification may be the answer instead of medication.