Bella is a Boxer who is dog aggressive and I did not know what to do since I had other dogs in the same household. When I first brought Bella home she was a hyper puppy that did not listen to anything and I thought it was funny at the time. When she started fighting with my other dogs the laughing stopped. Bella was as much a part of this family as the other dogs. All the other training facilities did not want an aggressive dog in their training classes. I finally found Extreme K-9. The best thing that could have happened to me and Bella. Behesha Doan listened to me and my concerns as well as looked at Bella behaviors and made recommendations of what she thought could help us. We worked with the trainers and I was not getting it and Bella was not responding. We decided it would be best to do residency and that was amazing. When I got Bella back she was a different dog. The trainers there are the best and they really care about the dog and the owners. It took time and they stayed with us the whole way through. I can now say that Bella and I are very happy and it is because of Extreme K-9. THANK YOU!