I am so glad I chose Extreme K-9 for dog training! I adopted my dog and he started to get some issues that needed to be fixed. Ares was barking at other people and dogs while walking and even going outside to potty. Kept pulling on the leash while being walked. I told them all the things I would like to work on in the assessment class. I did four private lessons and then a group class. Ares did very well in both and caught on quickly. The private lessons were great and needed so Ares would be able to focus instead of freaking out on the other dogs. All the trainers there were very helpful and wanted to see us succeed! They answered all my questions and I had a lot. When Ares first started he was very shy of the trainers but he quickly warmed up to them, and they were his distraction when doing sit stays. Ares now walks on a loose leash and doesn’t get so worked up when he sees other people or dogs. I would recommend everyone to bring there dogs here! They have amazing trainers and a very nice facility! Thank you guys so much, Ares and I both appreciate you!!