In 2005 I began training my second Search And Rescue (SAR) canine, Sula, a female Redbone Coonhound. Although I had been working and training SAR dogs for about 8 years, Sula was the first canine that I trained for trailing. About 9 months into her training, I was struggling to understand what she was trying to tell me and how to focus her endless drive and energy to trail.  I attended my first Mega Trailing Week and in a matter of days I saw tremendous improvements in both Sula AND me!  I was so impressed with the level of skill, knowledge and ability to share that with students that I attended a second Mega Trailing Week about 9 months later to further hone our skills.  Today Sula is a skilled trailing dog (as well as human remains detection) certified with the International Police Work Dog Association and has participated in numerous search missions throughout Illinois and even abroad.  I know that we would not be where we are today as a team without the amazing training and support we receive from Behesha and her staff, thank you!!!