I highly recommend Extreme K-9. We adopted a 1 1/2 year old Boxer who had been given up by its owner and had also been adopted out twice and returned because of his high energy and his jumping. Having owned several Boxers in the past I understood the high energy of his breed. When I took Rocky to Extreme K-9 I was treated with respect and they also explained what they did and also what was expected of me when I got Rocky back. I could tell just by talking with them that they were very highly trained and also showed a deep concern and also a deep love for what they did but also for the animal. I returned in a week and was totally amazed by the difference in Rocky’s behavior. After 2 weeks I was being trained on how to properly continue the training. I also had 2 follow ups that the trainers helped me and Rocky continue on the training. It has been several months since we have been there and I am happy to report that Rocky continues to amaze me with his ability to learn new things and improve on old ones. He can sit, stay, down, come, place on training board and stay until released. We have also taught him to shake, beg, and we are in the process of teaching him to crawl since our 2 Boston Terriers do it. He is now able to do all these things with 2 energetic Bostons running and playing in front of him. The bond between us when he is on leash and on heel looking up at me as I walk him waiting for a different command is priceless. I owe all of this to Extreme K-9 and their dedicated staff. Again I would recommend them with absolutely no hesitation. Again thank you!