Georgia, Solo


An integral part of our family are a large and very stubborn yet adorably lovable canine, the Bullmastiff, an up to 140 lb. male animal. Over time we have come to realize that in order to own these remarkable animals responsibly, one must invest in their upbringing. Like many large breeds, these dogs need to have set boundaries, but being very eager to please and sensitive, they also need to know that they are loved. Extreme K-9 uses positive reinforcement to give our dogs the respect and love they need to be confident, and the limitations that give them comfort. We have lived in many places and hired many trainers, and we have never had a more positive result than the intuitive and positive reinforcement training that is unique to Extreme K-9. With Behesha’s training program, our dogs desire to be obedient at home, while at the same time are eager and engaged to become AKC Champions in the agility, conformation, and obedience rings.  The result is a loving trustworthy dog in the home and a performance champion in every ring. We credit this combination to the intimate and personalized training that Behesha and her staff contribute to each and every animal and to each and every owner in their training program. 

Owner and handler