Dog Training Options


We know you love your dog! We love dogs, too – so much so that we have dedicated our lives to understanding them and making their lives (and yours) better. No matter what your dog obedience need is, training can help.

A dog with problem behaviors can turn dog ownership into a nightmare or at the very least, a situation you have to manage instead of enjoying. If he or she has storm anxiety, dog-to-dog aggression, dog-to-human aggression, surfs the counter for food, jumps on people, pulls on the leash, guards food or toys, runs off on you, etc… we can help. This is what we specialize in. We work with your dog’s natural instincts to channel their behavior and can help you turn your situation around.

Or maybe your dog is ABSOLUTELY perfect – a best friend who only adds to your life and you are looking to deepen that bond. Imagine enjoying hiking without a leash and knowing your dog will respond; playing hide-and-seek; teaching them to roll over, high five or to fetch things! We have many classes you and your dog would love.