The Extreme K-9 difference

Extreme K-9 is dedicated to improving the relationship between dogs and their people through education and training. The most efficient and impactful training is produced by mirroring the way dogs interact and learn in the wild. Our “Whole-Dog” approach addresses your dog mentally, physically and psychologically from a pack perspective. Your dog’s self-control, cooperation and overall behavioral health is put on a fast-track when your training plan meets these needs.

  • Experience

    • Is led by a professional trainer/behavior expert with more than 25 years of experience
    • Has trained more than 5,000 dogs – both pets and professional working dogs
    • Specializes in rehabilitation of aggression and other behavioral problems
    • Employs 15+ trainers
    • Teaches other professional trainers in our academies

  • Training methods

    • Evaluates your dog, your situation and your goals and custom tailors training accordingly
    • Works with dogs’ natural instincts to produce results quickly and effectively
    • Understands what matters to your dog and why they behave as they do, and works to modify the root cause of the behavior, not just the symptom

  • Works with you

    • Works with the client to determine the best training method for your needs, lifestyle, goals and budget
    • Provides you training with your dog so you can maintain the desired behaviors
    • Provides after-care training with our residency program