I got my wish – to be outside with my pack and to have them respond to my commands!

Beverly B. de Monterice


I was so impressed with the level of skill, knowledge and ability to teach that I attended a second Mega Trailing Week about 9 months later to further hone our skills.

Joan Brehm

Zoe & Molly

The dogs went from wild and crazy to calm and attentive. My wife and I could have not asked for better training.

D & B McClintock


Her training techniques of discipline with true love of dogs truly worked. I am forever grateful.

Bob Miller


The transformation was amazing. I see things in a whole new light.

K. Naker & R. Brzycki


I was amazed with the results. Ozzy listens, walks with me with a loose leash, and his destructive behavior has stopped as well.

Paula Meinert


An incredibly professional group of people that are well-trained and have a deep love and respect for dogs. I was concerned I would end up with a well-trained robot dog with loss of personality, but what I received was the same dog I fell in love with, but with incredible manners and focus.

Karl Behnken
Iron Ford


Astrid has been home a few weeks and is a happier, more independent puppy. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. I didn’t have the time it would take to work with her on her separation anxiety and it was beyond my training ability.

Darcy Kolman

Jeremy & Brody

Extreme K-9 is hands down the best training team in Southern Illinois. All of the trainers took time to get to know me and my dog on an individual basis and problem solve with me. My 4 month old rescue dog and I participated in their Holiday Manners class and have both learned so much. My relationship with my dog… Read more “Jeremy & Brody”


I highly recommend Extreme K-9. We adopted a 1 1/2 year old Boxer who had been given up by its owner and had also been adopted out twice and returned because of his high energy and his jumping. Having owned several Boxers in the past I understood the high energy of his breed. When I took Rocky to Extreme K-9… Read more “Rocky”

Don and Stacy Woolridge


Behesha and her staff far exceeded our expectations, providing us with a wonderfully obedient dog who is a joy to be around.

B. Milton


We now have the tools necessary to work with – rather than against – her natural temperament. We cannot emphasize enough how learning to understand Sadie and finding out how to keep her mind busy has improved the quality of our relationship with her.

Teresa & Dana Williams

Behesha is a ferocious defender of dogs and their inborn behaviors – knowledgeable and unwilling to mince words. But behind the no-nonsense, no-excuses manner, she is an effective listener, a most supportive coach, and above all, a highly effective trainer.

R. Farmington


The understanding of dog behavior has given us a better insight into our dogs and we have learned how to avoid making mistakes at home.

J & A Carstensen


The Extreme K-9 staff taught myself, my husband and our dog how to work together and respect each other. I am blown away, not only with my dog’s progress, but my husband and I as owners.

Ada Napolitano Garcia


Within the first hour of working with Behesha, I knew we had come to the right place.

N. Russ

Our Golden Retrievers had begun to fight viciously. Last night, I walked into the family room and saw my two golden girls snuggled together. I never thought I would see them like this again.

Lynne Glatthaar and Ken Smith


Southern Illinois is very lucky to have a quality training and boarding facility. The caring staff has taken the time to get to know us and I always look forward to seeing them.

Donna Evangelous


Our dog Patton got loose and attacked another dog. We put him under “house arrest,” but we decided ours was the wrong house and we took him to Residency training at Extreme K-9 instead. We were taught how to be assertive yet calm leaders… this has transferred over to our other dogs as well as rescue dogs we work with.

Ann and Jon Travis


Every moment of every day is better because of the training.

Michelle Rositch


Percy can now have other dogs around him and walks on a lead without pulling.

Jerry & Linda Goforth


Max was an unhappy, unbalanced and aggressive dog. He acted like he was going to eat my family when they came to visit. Then… he bit my brother. Extreme K-9 helped bring Max back to a well-balanced life. The training here is more than you can put a price on… it is hope when all hope is lost and you realize you don’t have to give up on your dog. The training I received gave me the confidence – I knew this team had my back.

Nora Daugherty

Georgia, Solo

We have hired many trainers, but we have never had a more positive result than the unique training at Extreme K-9. We have loving, trustworthy dogs in the home and performance champions in ring.

Jill Rendleman
Bastion Bullmastiffs

Ruby Blue

We took a very hyper, rambunctious, but super sweet German Shepard puppy to Extreme K-9 for training and the results were amazing. Our puppy is now 4 years old and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

Monte and Jeanie Blue


Behesha and the staff of Extreme K-9 are caring, professional, concerned, knowledgable, patient and provided our puppy with excellent care.

Carol Stewart


We made so much progress that Dex was able to go with me more often. When I needed to board him over a long weekend, I called Extreme K-9 which includes “refresher work” to keep up his skill!

Merry Korando


They were passionate about helping both my dog and me. Their training has given me not only a sweet obedient dog but a companion for life.

Robin Moore


He came back to us a changed dog. We’ve learned some techniques to help put him at ease.

Julie and Aaron Chapman