Relationship 101 classes

What we all love about our dogs is the connection and relationship we have. Working with your dog in a variety of areas can be bonding and rewarding for both of you. Think of it as date night for you and Fido!

Puppy training

It is ALWAYS easier to build desired behaviors than it is to correct behaviors later, so start out on the right foot! If you are determined to make the best of these puppy days and are willing to invest time in your puppy’s future, you are in the right place. From potty training to teaching your dog to pay attention to you, we help you build communication, which will set you up for a lifetime of enjoyment together. Our approach to training puppies produces focused, stable, attentive dogs. You’ll be so thankful the two of you took this class for years to come.

“Get Real” dog obedience

This beginner’s dog obedience class is anything but basic. You will learn more about about your dog than you thought possible, how he/she views their world and how their world view is different than ours, what matters to them, and most importantly, to get long-lasting, real results with your favorite canine. You will come out of this class with a greater understanding of how to build a stronger, more trusting relationship with your best-friend in addition to loose-leash walking, sit, stay, down, heel, come and finish. You will learn to speak in your dog’s language and you will get results – provided you put in the work. This is real-world, practical application overlaid with dog psychology – both you and your dog will be running to attend class every week! Or, we should say, walking quickly with a loose leash and no pulling…

Raising the bar – intermediate obedience

Move beyond basic obedience and learn to improve and enhance you and your dog’s skills in preparation for competitive obedience, rally, agility, therapy dog training and more.

Free at last

Imagine off-leash freedom! It can happen. Yes, even yours. Our 5 week group class teaches you how to gently and effectively communicate with your dog using the remote collar.  If you love the idea of taking leash-free walks while having your dog reliably obedient, this class is for you!

Scent work

Put your dog’s nose (and mind) to good use in this all-about-fun game of hide-and-seek. Dogs have a sense of smell far superior to your own. By combining your dog’s desire for toys or food and their natural desire to hunt, you have everything you need to teach your dog scent games. Enhance your relationship with your dog, build teamwork, confidence and self control all while burning off both physical and mental energy.

Tricks training

Besides being fun, rewarding and forming a bond with your dog, you can show off to the family at Thanksgiving and impress your dates. Dogs love to learn new things! Teach your dog to roll over, beg, high five, salute, shake hands, spin and more.

Retrieve training

Bring out the best in your dog – and have a blast doing it. We aren’t talking about just fetching a ball; your dog can learn to fetch your dirty laundry, pick up and put his or her toys away, and deliver drinks to your guests. Teaching the retrieve can be an excellent way to encourage teamwork and build your dog’s confidence. While many dogs retrieve for fun, this course will help you build a reliable retrieve of any object, any time.

Toys and Tugs

Some dogs love to play tug, and that is a good thing when you learn how to use it to teach self-control and burn off excess energy. You will learn how to build a fantastic play relationship with your dog and instill confidence, self-control and focus.

Agility basics

Our highly motivational approach to teaching foundational exercises will have you and your dog on the fast track to fun, skill and success in learning agility.


This is a fun and exciting introduction into the world of scent-work. Learn to use your dog’s natural scenting ability to follow the individual human scent trail that is left when a person walks away, how your dog uses his nose to discriminate between humans and how to work your dog as he learns to follow a scent trail.