Professional handlers

Narcotics detection

Extreme K-9 offers state certification for law enforcement narcotics detection dog/handler teams. This certification is provided through training, testing and standards approved and certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

This three-day (24 hour) course serves police K-9 handlers seeking to remain current on detector dog case law, canine behavioral psychology, medical first aid, policy and law, courtroom testimony, modern scent theory and also offers improvement in handling skills and final certification. Certifications are good for one year.

Search and Detection Academy

The Search & Detection Academy is a valuable resource for handlers looking for a solid program to prepare them for working their dogs professionally. Whether you are planning to work a narcotics detection dog, a scent-discriminating mantrailing K-9, a human remains detector, or looking to expand your scope of detection training into the fields of bed bug detection, cell phone detection, this program is for you.

Going far beyond simply training handlers to work dogs, this course teaches you the basic through advanced elements of training the whole dog.  To truly excel in your field, the more you know about dogs, how they learn, how to know when they actually processing information versus responding to subtle handler cues, how the canine brain processes, stores, and retrieves scent information, how to make stress work FOR your dog, and how to advance your training long after you leave the program.  The need to know and understand the whole dog cannot be over estimated. And this knowledge can make you a remarkable handler!

Article/evidence search for the working dog

This course is designed for handlers wanting to train their dogs in the article search discipline of search and rescue or law enforcement. Class covers scent theory, understanding search patterns, environmental factors, evaluating potential search dog candidates and lots of hands-on work getting the dogs off and running in article search.

Tugs and toys for big boys

This course is designed to build cooperation and intensity for the working dog.  Handlers will learn to build drive; enhance good grips; develop clean, fast ‘Outs’;  and improve their relationship with their working dog.

Human remains detection training

This 3-day course examines the skills needed for locating human remains. One-on-one instruction, guidance and demonstration provide handlers with individual attention and coaching. Foundational training, building the alert, passive vs. active indication, handling of training aids, search grids, buried material, hanging material, aged and fresh material, large scent sources and crime scene preservation are just some of the topics covered in this course. All skill levels are challenged.

Introduction to air scent

This course is designed for handlers desiring to train their dogs in the air scent discipline of search and rescue. This course examines scent theory, understanding and utilizing search patterns, related environmental effects on scent, equipment and evaluation of potential search dog candidates. Plenty of hands-on training and extensive field work will help you get your dog started in the discipline of air scent for search and rescue training.