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Dogs make our lives great

Dog training enhances the bond you have with your dogDogs make good days wonderful and bad days bearable. They sit with us when we are sad, are excited when we come home and hang on our every word. There’s good reason for them being called “man’s best friend.”

Dogs do an amazing job of navigating our world – a place that inherently does not make sense to them because we do not speak the same language. Yet, they “get” us much better than we “get” them.

We unintentionally do things such as call them repeatedly, cuddle them when they are scared, and expect them to know stuff they have no reasonable way of knowing. By us not speaking their language, our best friend learns to ignore us, has anxieties and gets in trouble. It doesn’t have to be like this.

We know you love your dog! We love dogs, too – so much so that we have dedicated our lives to understanding them and making their lives (and yours) better through dog training.

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Littermates learning to hold eye contact

Littermates learning to hold eye contact ... See MoreSee Less

A trained retrieve can be both functional and fun for you and your dog. Having a job also gives your dog purpose ... See MoreSee Less

This is more accurate than most people realize. 

Remember: Just because a dog is smelling you does Not mean he wants to be touched by you.  Touch is their idea - they will ask when they want your touch.

This is more accurate than most people realize.

Remember: Just because a dog is smelling you does Not mean he wants to be touched by you. Touch is their idea - they will ask when they want your touch.
... See MoreSee Less

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SonnyandDrake TaylorThat is an incredible analogy. Thank you!!

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We are pleased to announce Cotton's promotion to Senior Trainer. 🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

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Miranda HornPoor River 😄

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Teresa BakerJeff, you've been replaced. 😉

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Dawn SchuetzLove Cotton!

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Lora DensmoreThat's one brave kitty!

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Dog training for fun!

Any dog can learn

If your dog is ABSOLUTELY perfect – a best friend who adds to your life, never gets into trouble or barks at the doorbell, and would never dream of chewing on a shoe – you can still deepen your relationship.

Imagine enjoying hiking without a leash and knowing your dog will respond; playing hide-and-seek; teaching them to roll over, high five or to fetch things! We have many classes you and your dog would love.

Relationship 101 Classes

Dog training to fix problems

We specialize in rehabilitation of problem behaviors including aggression, chewing, digging, separation anxiety and more. Yes, we can help you with your dog.

If your dog is ALMOST perfect, except … he or she is afraid of storms, surfs the counter for food, jumps on people, pulls on the leash, has problems with other dogs, guards food/toys, etc… we can help.

We deal with dogs who have: dog-to-dog aggression; dog-to-human aggression; food aggression / possessiveness; fearfulness; shyness; sound and touch sensitivity; fear biting; fear of men/women/children; housebreaking problems; separation anxiety; destructiveness, escapism, self-mutilation; excessive barking, chewing, digging, jumping and car chasing every day.

You are not alone, and all hope is not lost.

I need help with problem behaviors!

Our mission is to make dogs’ lives great

Dog training can allow for off-leash freedom with your best friend.

Whether your favorite dog is a sweet four-legged furball whose biggest problem is leaving muddy footprints and hairballs around the house, one who hides under the bed when it storms or one who has unwanted aggression, we can help bring out the best in your dog through training. Dog training does not make dogs into robots – it does the opposite! Clear dog training helps your dog make sense of the world they live in.

Our “Whole Dog” Training

Our dog training is different – we get real lasting results by working with the “Whole Dog.” We teach you to think the way your dog thinks, to understand what matters to them and to work with who your dog naturally is.

Every dog, problem, owner, situation, solution is different. So is our approach to dog training.

Dog training near you – conveniently located in southern Illinois